Kate Middleton enjoys having chat with a fellow mom photographer

Celebpost Desk|June 11, 2021
Kate Middleton enjoys having chat with a fellow mom photographer

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton recently had a fun-filled chat about her three kids while speaking on the phone to a photographer mom, who has been named a finalist of her Hold Still photography contest.

The Duchess, who has been known from her passion for photography, continued her series of videos on social media platforms, documenting her phone calls from last year with participants in her Hold Still photography project.

In the contest, the citizens of UK were asked to capture scenes amid the ongoing health crisis.

Recently, in a video released on Thursday, the mother-of-three spoke with Ceri A. Edwards about the heart-touching photo she took of her daughter Poppy hugging her father Mark, who worked as a paramedic throughout the pandemic.

Kate described the image as showing “strength, courage and resilience.” To a question, Ceri said that she's not a photographer, "No. Well, Mark would say otherwise just because I do take a lot of pictures of the family."

The royal laughed and revealed that her kids, George, Charlotte and Louis sometimes ask their mom to put the camera down. "It's like me," the duchess said. "Everyone's like, 'Mummy, please stop taking photographs!"

Ceri agreed and added: "Absolutely. But I love it, and I love looking back.

The project Hold Still received more than 31,000 submissions from across the country. A panel of judges selected 100 portraits which have been turned into a digital exhibition hosted by the National Portrait Gallery. The portraits present “a unique and highly personal record of this extraordinary period in our history”.

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