Queen faces ‘security scare as intruders breaks into Windsor estate

Celebpost Desk|May 03, 2021

Intruders break in to Queen’s Windsor estate only days after royal breach

Queen faces ‘security scare’ as intruders breaks into Windsor estate

Queen Elizabeth II’s Windsor estate faced another royal breach last week, it was reported on Saturday.

As per The Sun, just days after a security breach, a pair of intruders broke into Queen’s Windsor estate last Sunday, just days after another royal breach on the property.

The intruders broke into the property by scaling the fences at the Royal Lodge where Her Majesty, 95, walks her dogs and rides her horses.

According to the report, a man, 31, was accompanied by a woman, 29, during the intrusion on the royal property when the newly-widowed Queen was fortunately not present, but her third child, Prince Andrew was, it was revealed in the report by The Sun.

The intruders were arrested after being caught but were released on bail later.

This came only six days after a 44-year-old Spanish woman deceivingly entered the premises by telling the guards she was the Duke of York’s fiancée. She was allowed inside for 20 minutes before she was taken into custody.

A source told the British tabloid, “This is an astonishing lapse. Everyone was on high alert after the first intruder, now this happens. Heads could roll. It is unforgivable.”

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