Maitland Ward pushes for ‘p**n to be mainstream’ with new career move

Maitland Ward, the star of the ABC and Disney Channel’s Boy Meets World show has turned towards the adult entertainment industry to try her hand at something new. With the launch of her very own fan page named OnlyFans making it big, by August Ward reached over 8,000 paying customers.

She claims the pandemic has been a career booster for her and has helped her make more money now than she ever did before. From hosting karaoke parties to video sessions and even a sexy cooking lesson and dance parties, the actress has kept her fans thoroughly entertained ever since the brunt of the pandemic hit.

During her interview with The Ringer, Ward elaborated on her future goals and revealed that she aims to help people handle their stress during this unsettling time. But she plans to do it in her own unique way.

She was quoted saying, ”There’s a human on the other end of it that’s reacting to you, and back and forth, so it’s actually comforting to talk to everybody. It’s just very communal.”

Even the adult film industry has faced a downfall at this time; however Ward has managed to keep her finances in check by offering this exclusive online content. Ward claims the OnlyFans site has offered a number of entertainers a chance at earning their living without having to worry about a work slump. She explained, “Before camming and before OnlyFans and stuff, they didn’t have an outlet. It’s just put so much control in the hands of the performers.”

During the course of the interview she also touched upon the similarities in the adult filming industry and mainstream Hollywood. She was quoted saying, “Porn sets are run much like mainstream. The same lights. The same cameras. Just different actions. People will ask me if I fear that the adult industry has ruined me for mainstream. It’s quite the opposite. Mainstream ruined me for mainstream. It became limiting and I was bored.”