Victoria Beckham makes fun of David Beckham’s glistening teeth

By Samantha David November 22, 2020
Victoria Beckham makes fun of David Beckham’s glistening teeth

On Saturday, Victoria Beckham took to Instagram stories and made fun of David Beckham’s white shiny teeth in chocolate advent calendar.

The 46-year-old made a video of family chocolate advent calendar, which featured every member of Beckham’s family and joked about husband’s shiny teeth in the picture.

The advent calendar was sent by a fan and Victoria zoomed in David’s face and said, "So today I received this incredible advent calendar that was sent to me. Just pointing out, how amazing are David's teeth? Umm...”

She even wrote, "I mean.. is @davidbeckham wearing these teeth in for someone else?!?”

Victoria further went on to compliment the fan for the amazing gift which came with a heartfelt note.

“But this is a personalised chocolate advent calendar and it was given to me by Kevin, who is a Spice Girls fan, a fan for 25 years. And he has written the most incredible letter that's really touched me actually. We really do have the most wonderful Spice Girls fans. I feel so blessed and so lucky and I love this," Victoria wrote as she thanked the fan.