JK Rowling promotes an anti-trans store that believes ‘transwomen are men’

By Melanie Aiden

September 24, 2020
JK Rowling promotes an anti-trans store that believes ‘transwomen are men’

JK Rowling’s apparent feud against the trans community recently came at an impasse. After her previous comments against community incited a large amount of backlash, the author took it a step further by promoting an online store that sells trans-offensive merchandise, sporting anti-trans slogans.

The website in question, Womyn Workship, works to advertise anti-trans phrases on their merch like "Transwomen are men, "Transmen are my sisters, Transition = conversion therapy, F--- your pronouns," and even "Woman is Not a Costume."

It was through her tweet that she recommended the online store and even uploaded a picture of herself wearing a t-shirt from the site. The shirt featured a slogan painted across, and it read, “This witch doesn’t burn.”

Twitter users were quick to come onto her and slam the writer for her insensitive and hateful choices. One user was simply apauled by the author's blatant disregard for an entire community and was quoted saying, "Coming out being transphobic PROUDLY now....wow.....I really hope one day you understand the damage and hatefulness you are CONTINUOUS causing against a group of people...when you could have used your influence and money for helping people....you honestly should be ashamed."

While the site in question is run by lesbian feminist activist Angela C. Wild, her site opposes the reality of transgenderism and also believes that "The LGBT community is coercing lesbians to accept male organs as female organs