Meghan Markle was destined for royalty and her speech at age 14 is proof

By Jean Valjean

September 16, 2020

Meghan Markle was always seen as someone who may one day change the world, and her new viral speech from her days of yore is proving just that.

The Duchess of Sussex’s unearthed video from her middle school graduation has been making rounds on the internet, proving to her fans as well as critics that the former actor was destined to be recognized by the globe.

Obtained by the Daily Mail, the footage from 1995 shows 14-year-old Meghan taking the podium and delivering a zealous speech in front of her peers at Immaculate Heart Middle School in Los Angeles, California.

"Today we are here to celebrate our graduation and to share our appreciation for our brief time at Immaculate Heart Middle School," she begins.

“Two years ago we came here as young girls — a bit frightened and overwhelmed and filled with wandering anticipation about our new school and what our future would bring. Today we are proud and more confident young women on our way to high school,” she continued.

“Today we acknowledge the women of the community and other people who keep Immaculate Heart going and growing. We are proud to be part of this great nation, and it will always be in our hearts and prayers.”

“We have grown in many ways over these last two years — physically, academically, emotionally, and spiritually. The academics were a challenge, but we learned to meet the challenge, and steadily we prepared."

She treads further to discuss all that she learned in school: "Faith, hope, and respect for God and others, topics discussed during religion, helped us develop spirituality in our lives.”

"We also learned to be organized and responsible individuals with an awareness of our moral responsibilities to our school and our community which we demonstrated when we adopted first and second graders from Immaculate Conception and Inner City School,” said Meghan.

"We had culture days to share, celebrate, and demonstrate our ethnic and cultural differences. We learned about each other and made many new friends. We also had disagreements and altered relationship, but we created many new lasting bonds. Both the painful and happy times we shared here at Immaculate Heart will always be deeply valued,” she went on to say.

"Now, as we enter high school, we go with the values instilled at Immaculate Heart Middle School. We will graduate from college, I mean, excuse me … We will graduate from high school in 1999 and begin college in the next century taking many different paths,” she said.

"Some of us will go into politics, finance, entertainment, education, and many other fields. But no matter what field we choose, we will always carry the spirit of Immaculate Heart with us. And always and forever as women of great heart, dedicate ourselves to making it a better world,” Meghan said as she signed off.