January 03, 2024


Lizzo stuns in YITTY's latest shapewear collection

Lizzo drops new Instagram update featuring slim figure

By Celebpost Desk January 03, 2024
Lizzo stuns in  YITTYs latest shapewear collection
Lizzo stuns in YITTY's latest shapewear collection

Singer Lizzo is seemingly feeling the best version of herself in a new Instagram video for her shapewear brand YITTY!

The pop sensation rang in 2024 on Monday with a new post modeling her brand YITTY's latest shapewear line with lifting technology.

As Lizzo modeled, her Instagram fam could hear the singer getting candid about the shapewear in the background, "New year, new me. You know how they say 'Run don't walk?' Teleport, b---,"

In the video, the Truth Hurts hit-maker looked happy as ever flaunting ultra fit leggings. She tried on navy blue, burgundy and black sets from the collection.

Lizzo fans could not stop but spread love. One totally in awe of her new slimmed down figure commented, “ We see you shedding pounds love.Even though you were beautiful before.”

The other wrote, “ I knew you were losing weight yesss you look great.”