December 28, 2023


BTS Jimin makes waves with 2024 Dior campaign

BTS Jimin announced brand ambassador for Dior

By Celebpost Desk December 28, 2023
BTS Jimin makes waves with 2024 Dior campaign
 BTS Jimin makes waves with 2024 Dior campaign

BTS Jimin is going strong in his fashion endeavors despite fulfilling his mandatory military service.

The K-pop idol stole Korean fan hearts with Dior’s Spring 2024 campaign in Japan.

Jimin’s video and pictures were clearly displayed on large lit screens and the LED columns of the Midosuji Line Umeda station in Osaka, Japan.

A fan account on Twitter dropped a glimpse from the bustling station which saw Jimin’s handsome face exuding radiance.

His charm, sophistication, timeless elegance and good looks is what captivated onlookers.

While Jimin’s fans miss his presence, he has quite created a significant mark in fashion through the campaign's extravagant presentation.

In January, the luxury brand Dior crowned Jimin its global ambassador and since then the BTS band member has been radiating a classical aura in photoshoots.

Park Jimin's entry into military

Park Jimin has been enlisted for mandatory military service in South Korea along with fellow bandmate Jungkook.

The two began their military service on Tuesday and fans extremely miss them.