Bradley Cooper's nose sparks debate, 'Jewface' accusations in Maestro trailer

Bradley Cooper's nose in Maestro Trailer faces criticism

By George Johnson August 16, 2023
Bradley Coopers prosthetic nose sparks debate in Leonard Bernstein biopic trailer.
Bradley Cooper's prosthetic nose sparks debate in Leonard Bernstein biopic trailer.

Bradley Cooper's portrayal of legendary musical conductor Leonard Bernstein in the newly-released trailer for the biographical film Maestro has ignited a heated online discussion. 

Critics are pointing to the actor/director's use of a prosthetic nose in the role, raising concerns about potential reinforcement of 'Jewface' stereotypes through the exaggerated facial feature. 

Bradley Cooper's casting as a non-Jewish actor in a Jewish role has also stirred controversy.

The 48-year-old Philadelphia native takes on the iconic role alongside Carey Mulligan, who portrays Bernstein's wife, Felicia Montealegre, in the film. 

Maestro delves into the intricate dynamics of their relationship against the backdrop of Bernstein's influential career.

Numerous users have posted comparative photos highlighting the contrast between the prosthetic and the real Bernstein's nose, asserting that the exaggerated feature does not accurately reflect the historical figure's appearance.

Critics have questioned the necessity of utilizing such an elaborate prosthetic, particularly considering Cooper's uncanny resemblance to Bernstein without it. 

With one user highlighting that with "so many great Jewish actors out there," Cooper, a non-Jewish star, should not have been considered in the first place.

One user expressed the sentiment that nose detracts from the authenticity of the storytelling process. 

Comparing it to the concept of Black face, they contended that the actor should be able to portray the character effectively through his acting prowess, particularly if he was chosen over a Jewish actor.