August 13, 2023


Jonas Brothers braces up for first The Tour show at Yankee Stadium

Jonas Brothers via Instagram show their excitement for The Tour's first show

By Jean Valjean August 13, 2023
Jonas Brothers braces up for first The Tour show at Yankee Stadium
Jonas Brothers braces up for first The Tour show at Yankee Stadium

When the Jonas Brothers were planning their forthcoming tour, The Tour, they had one rule in mind: aim high or go home.

This mentality inspired them to book Yankee Stadium for the first two gigs of their massive new tour, aptly titled The Tour, an endeavour that covers their entire band's career.

The three, led by Joe, 33, Nick, 31, and Kevin Jonas, 35, have a diverse repertoire. The Tour will feature songs from five different albums, including their most recent release, The Album, from May, as well as popular singles like 2019's Happiness Begins and 2008's A Little Bit Longer.

Taking to Instagram, they shared their excitement for Saturday’s show, "WOW! It's finally game day!"

The brother's trio unveiled that they couldn’t get any sleep last night as they were preparing for their first show, "We can't believe August 12th is here and we are so incredibly excited to share this experience with you at Yankee Stadium! We'll be honest - we barely slept last night. We're ready to go!"

"Tonight is a celebration of the journey we've been on for the last 18 years with you! All of us chose to do life together, the ups, downs, and growth along the way," they continued. "It's such an honor to see so many of the same faces at our concerts. Let's be clear - The Tour would not exist without YOU!"

"From the very beginning, you've stood by us, cheering us on through every twist and turn,” the statement continued, reflecting on support from devoted fans. “Your support has been the driving force behind our music, our performances, and our evolution as artists. We truly couldn't have come this far without your constant presence in our lives - our extended family."

The cherished pop band also announced that they’ll be delighting fans with songs from five albums in each one of their shows. "We believe the future is full of hope and are especially excited to create unforgettable moments on The Tour as we play 5 Albums Every. Single. Night."

"It's gonna be a wonderful, emotional and fun experience for all of us! We poured our hearts into putting this show together. Because it was such an undertaking, we will be starting at 8:00pm sharp to ensure we can pack as much music into the night as we possibly can," they concluded.