August 04, 2023

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Dan Wootton faces suspension from MailOnline over allegations

Dan Wootton denies using pseudonym for Illicit offers to colleagues

By George Johnson August 04, 2023
MailOnline halts Dan Woottons column amid allegation controversy.
MailOnline halts Dan Wootton's column amid allegation controversy.

GB News presenter Dan Wootton suspended by MailOnline over secret pseudonym scandal. 

Wootton known for his lucrative column, faces scrutiny after allegations of offering colleagues large sums for explicit material came to light. 

Investigations are underway at News UK, where he previously worked as a celebrity journalist, involving claims of targeting Sun employees with similar offers. 

A spokesperson confirmed his absence from the company, stating that a series of serious and historic allegations are under intense consideration. 

Wootton, who has been a freelance contributor since 2021, strongly denies the claims. He is hosting a nightly primetime show on the rightwing channel. 

Rallying supporters, he claims to be a target of a leftwing plot aimed at silencing him.

While the spokesperson didn't clarify if he'll receive payment during the pause, he is taking matters into his own hands by running a crowdfunding campaign to cover legal fees.

His lawyer, speaking to The Guardian, asserts that his client refutes numerous allegations made by his ex-boyfriend and reporting in Byline Times.

"For the avoidance of further doubt," the lawyer stated, "our client categorically denies reaching out to current or former Sun colleagues with offers of money for explicit images. 

Additionally, he denies engaging in any inappropriate behavior in the workplace or misusing News UK funds."