August 04, 2023


Mia Khalifa addresses Tom Brady rumoured romance: 'Keeping him on toes'

Mia Khalifa offered her two cents on her advice on marriage and ending it when need be

By Ellen James August 04, 2023
Mia Khalifa addressesTom Brady rumored romance: Keeping him on toes
Mia Khalifa addressesTom Brady rumored romance: 'Keeping him on toes'

If one may need marriage advice, Mia Khalifa might not be the best linchpin.

The 30-year-old media personality opened up about her failed experience with marriages as she advised women to not be afraid of choosing their own happiness over some "paperwork."

In a TikTok video, she quipped, "Baby girl does not know I am Tom Brady at this game," referring to her rumoured fling with the retired NFL star following his divorce from Gisele Bundchen in October 2022.

The Lebanese-American star went on to explain that she has been married two times, both of which ended up in divorces, along with a broken engagement.

"Married at 18, divorced at 21," she shared. "Second marriage: married at 25, divorced at 28; third engagement: engaged at 29, ended it at 30, kept the ring."

Khalifa continued: "We should not be afraid to leave these men. We are not stuck with these people. Marriage is not a sanctimonious thing- it is paper work.

"It is a commitment you make to someone but if you feel like you are not getting anything from that commitment, and you are trying- you gotta go. You have to go."

"I know it is difficult to fill out paper work and make appointments and do all these things," she affirmed. "But this is your [expletive] life. Do you want to be stuck with someone? Period."

Previously, in a podcast interview, the model expressed that she was open to exploring relationships with the same sex, granted that the connection is healthy and non-toxic.