May 26, 2023


Kate Middleton’s ‘Fundraising’ to secure ‘long-term future’ and ‘new opportunities for vulnerable children’

Kate Middleton initiates ‘Fundraising’, hopes to protect the long-term future of Foundling Museum

By Melanie Aiden May 26, 2023

Kate Middleton is doing a charity.

In an effort to raise money for her preferred youth-focused charity, Kate Middleton is making a plea.

The Foundling Museum, which assists at-risk youth and creates ground-breaking work in the early year's industry, has a "long-term future" that the Princess of Wales, 41, wants to help secure. On Thursday, she will be at the London Museum.

The organisation requires about $1.2 million to ensure the Foundling Hospital Collection's residence and custodianship for the ensuing 999 years.

According to a statement made public on Wednesday by Princess Kate, the Foundling Museum has been providing innovative, imaginative “programs and life-changing support to families and young people for over twenty years.”

“Their ground-breaking work to support each care-experienced young person to fundamentally change the future direction of their lives is one that means the world to me. Importantly, it shows that it is never too late to make a difference, and that by providing the right support, we can enable those who have faced real difficulties to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals,” the royal mom said.

“The Museum’s work opens the door to new opportunities for vulnerable children and young people, connecting them with artists and developing skills which they can take into their adult lives. By helping them to undertake this journey, we can create positive, lasting change that benefits our society as a whole,” she added.

“Just as the Museum has helped so many people, I hope that we can come together to do what we can to help protect the long-term future of this wonderful organization. I am grateful to all those who have already shown their support for the Foundling Museum and I sincerely wish that its vital work can continue for decades to come,” Kate concluded.