March 25, 2023

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Noah Schnapp is excited to be part of Stranger Things finale

Noah Schnapp says wrapping Stranger Things is bittersweet

By George Johnson March 25, 2023

Noah Schnapp is excited to film Stranger Things finale

The cast and crew of Stranger Things, a record-breaking blockbuster series on Netflix, are getting ready to start shooting the fifth and final season.

Noah Schnapp, the series lead, has admitted that because he has been working on it since he was a young child, filming the last season would be "bittersweet."

After Will Byers (Schnapp) went missing during a Demogorgon attack, Stranger Things season one stunned viewer with the strange alternative world of the Upside Down.

Prior to his appearance in the psychological thriller The Tutor, Schnapp, 18, recently spoke with Collider. He is eager to begin filming the fifth and final episode of the popular series.

Speaking of the Stranger Things finale, Schnapp said, "I mean, just wrapping Stranger Things — so bittersweet. I mean, it's obviously kind of what made me, I guess, as an actor, and I've grown up on the show."

"I first started on it when I was 10 and now I'm, like, an adult. So, it's crazy."

"I'm really excited to get shooting," shared Schnapp. He also admitted, "the last season looks really good, and when it's over I'm definitely going to be crying and upset, but excited for what the future holds."

Schnapp recently made headlines for coming out as homosexual on TikTok, saying that his Stranger Things character Will is also gay and that he is "more similar to Will than I thought."