March 10, 2023


Why Keanu Reeves is called the 'gentleman of Hollywood'

Keanu Reeves on many occasions proved he is a gentleman and many people adore him

By Madison Raymond March 10, 2023
Keanu Reeves is the nicest person in Hollywood 

Hollywood bigwig Keanu Reeves has gained a reputation off-screen for being just adorable and nice. 

Reeves with time has shown himself to be the nicest guy in Hollywood on plenty of occasions and has been in the news for making a couple's wedding day extra special in Northampton by gate crashing it. 

It was James and Nikki Roadnight's big day and Reeves surprised them with his presence.  

Speaking to Newsweek about the surprise, Nikki explained that her husband saw Reeves in the bar area of a hotel in the Northamptonshire, UK.  

While the John Wick actor did not join them for a drink he told her husband that he would come by later in the evening.

"He was so kind and friendly and congratulated us on our wedding. He was kind enough to do some pictures and our wedding photographer was able to capture some too! Then he took the time to speak to some of our guests and have more photos done!"

He has been putting smiles on people's faces for over decades now with him emerging in the positive light. 

Reeves even though never made a deal about it, he has been giving millions to charity since the 90's now and is praised for the good cause till date. 

A 2001 report tells that money never inspired him and on a number of films he literally handed over part of his salary to the other actors and crew members. 

Another such gesture that stole fans hearts was when he gave up his seat on the subway. In a video from 2011, Reeves was spotted on the subway and what ended up capturing the moment was when he offered a woman with a heavy bag-his seat and that earned him the title of a gentleman. 

A lot of pampered film stars would refuse to ever get involved with removing equipment but not Reeves. Backstage footage shared by a screenwriter and filmmaker Todd Spence from the sets of John Wick: Chapter 4 showed him helping the crew move heavy gear up a steep hill. 

Leaving behind everything, what social media users actually noticed was Reeves being considerate while taking selfies with female fans and always being respectful. He never puts his arms around women while posing out of sheer respect. 

Reeves surely has a sense of professionalism and this became proof after actress Sandra Bullock said she had a crush on him. He also admitted that the feeling was mutual but he never acted upon it due to love for his work. Both worked together in the movie Speed. 

On the other hand, the Constantine actor is very well known for his generosity and has been treating crew members to gifts for years. He gave a dozen stuntmen, who worked on the Matrix with him, Harley Davidson motorcycles as a thankyou gift. At the same time, he also surprised his John Wick cast with  Rolex Submariner watches which were worth  $10,000 each. 

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