Andrew Tate enslaved and brainwashed two women who refuse they were victims

By Maryland Hargreaves February 04, 2023
Andrew Tate enslaved and brainwashed two women who refuse they were victims 

Two women denied that Andrew Tate trafficked them as they were brainwashed, a court in Romania ruled out. 

Andrew and his brother Tristan  were arrested by DIICOT authorities in Romania on December 29, 2022, as part of an investigation into human trafficking.

Their detention has since then been extended twice  with the pair now being held until at least February 27. Their second appeal for early release from detention was denied on February 1.

Therefor  two women who said they worked for the brothers willingly, were subject to a report by a clinical psychologist. The report concluded that they had suffered trauma and were unaware they had been exploited.

One of the females were from the US and was attracted by Tristan to travel to Romania. The judge ruled that despite the women’s statements that “denied any form of exploitation,” these statements “did not reflect reality.”

"It is known that in the case of the ‘lover boy’ or ‘falling in love’ recruitment method, victims of human trafficking do not always recognize that they were enslaved and exploited and do not cooperate with the judicial bodies, attesting to the idea that these activities were carried out voluntarily." 

Prosecutors in the case allege that the Tate brothers, with the help of two female accomplices Georgiana Nagel and Luana Radu, would seduce the women with fake promises of relationships or marriage.

The Tate brother however denied all allegations and claimed there is no evidence to these. 

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