Usain Bolt’s $12 million gone missing, investigation continues

Usain Bolt, Jamaican sprinter's hefty amount is lost from his account

By Madison Raymond January 25, 2023

Usain Bolt’s $12 million gone missing, investigation continues

Usain Bolt's attorneys claim that his account has been reduced to just $12,000.

Puerto Rico's San Juan (AP) — As it looks into a significant fraud case involving a private investment firm where $12.7 million that belonged to legendary sprinter Usain Bolt has vanished, the government of Jamaica has requested assistance from the FBI. The 13-year swindle targeted senior citizens as well as government organisations. How much was taken is still unknown to the authorities.

Bolt's attorneys have given the investment firm until Friday to restore the money before taking the matter to court, claiming that the famous athlete's account has been reduced to barely $12,000.

According to Finance Minister Nigel Clarke on Monday, the administration also sought assistance from unnamed additional international partners in examining one of the largest fraud instances to have occurred on the island.

"The anger and unease we all feel have been magnified by the long duration — 13 years — over which the fraud was allegedly perpetrated, and the fact that the (suspects) seemed to have deliberately and heartlessly targeted elderly persons, as well as our much loved and respected national icon … Usain Bolt," Clarke said.

It's not yet clear how much money is reportedly missing or how many people were impacted because the investigation into Kingston-based Stocks and Securities Limited is just getting started. Clarke claimed that as part of the alleged fraud, clients were provided misleading information about their balances.