Universal Studios Hollywood: Stunt goes horribly wrong as man rushed to hospital

A stuntman was horribly injured during a show at Universal Studios Hollywood

By George Johnson January 25, 2023
Kyle Kolar was the stuntman that was taken to the hospital after his performance at Universal Studios Hollywood went wrong

A Universal Studios stuntman was rushed to the hospital after he met with an accident during a stunt show.

As per reports, it was initially reported that the performer drowned however, a witness came forward to share that the person, named Kyle Kolar, was saved by his cast members after a 30 foot stunt dive went horribly wrong.

Daisy Anguiano shared a clip of the incident online and where the stuntman was seen falling from a high-rise tower.

She told ABC7: "It was a full house, like it happened in front of everyone."

"I was like, 'Oh my God, some thing or someone might be drowning. It might be the person that just did the drop. Did something happen?"'

The crowd watched on as performers scrambled to retrieve the unconscious stuntman from the water while others looked for a life jacket. 

As of yet it remains unclear as to what caused the medical emergency, with possibilities being injury by the fall, impact of the water - or a separate medical emergency.

"Everyone in the staff and the crew is doing this together not letting this person die," added Anguiano. 

"He was unconscious while dragging him from the water."