Family Guy: AI recreates cartoon into 1980’s live-action sitcom

By George Johnson January 25, 2023
Family Guy: AI recreates cartoon into 1980’s live-action sitcom

Family Guy has come to life.

Using the picture synthesiser Midjourney, an AI artist produced a live-action Family Guy from the 1980s.

The outstanding video was posted last week on the Lyrical Realms (LR) YouTube channel, and it has since received over four million views.

“All the images are straight out of Midjourney, but they did not come out using only the text prompts, it was a combination of using already existing images and using prompts as well,” the video’s creator, who is still anonymous, tells PetaPixel.

“Photoshop was used only for two different purposes: to remove artefacts (for example sometimes images come out with black or red borders) and to separate the intro into layers and give a 3D effect.”

LR showed some images that he had rejected because to flaws, such as one where Peter is too tall for Lois or doesn't wear spectacles.

The images were created by LR by inputting text instructions that tell the AI image generator, in this case, Midjourney, what images to produce.

“The prompt engineering part was without a doubt the most difficult part, I had to generate an ungodly amount of images before I started seeing the light and finally got to generate the kind of style that I was looking for (around 1500 images),” LR explains.

“Once the first character was generated (Peter) the rest were a bit easier. The most difficult to generate were Cleveland and Quagmire.”

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