January 09, 2023


Andrew Tate in hospital for potential cancer amid trafficking, rape arrest

Andrew Tate was reportedly rushed to the hospital after a lump was found in his lung

By Betty Cruise January 09, 2023
Andrew Tate is reportedly hospitalised while currently being held by Romanian authorities 

In the latest on Andrew Tate, it is reported that either him or his brother Tristan Tate have landed in the hospital while being held in Romanian custody in suspicion of sex trafficking.

As per a vague message on Andrew's Twitter account, it alluded that one of them ended up in jail as the message read: "The Matrix has attacked me. But they misunderstand, you cannot kill an idea. Hard to Kill."

It remains unclear as to who wrote the tweet but it included a link to Spy News, a Romanian outlet, stating that Andrew or Tristan is hospitalised.

The report added that the visit occurred after the pair were given their routine medical checks in jail. 

Other reports suggest that Andrew was taken to the hospital after allegedly developing a lung nodule. 

The disgraced social media influencer then requested to see a doctor in order to determine if the growth in his lung is cancerous or benign.

The news comes in hot as his trial approaches in two days that will determine if an investigation can be conducted with him free or if he will continue to be detained by the authorities.