December 03, 2022


Cher, 76, admits romance with Alexander AE Edwards, 36, is 'ridiculous'

Cher addressed her uncanny relationship with Alexander AE Edwards on The Kelly Clarkson Show

By Sarah Khan December 03, 2022
Cher, 76, admits romance with Alexander AE Edwards, 36, is 'ridiculous'

Cher knows it’s weird.

The 76-year-old superstar admitted that her budding romance with Alexander AE Edwards, 36, is “kind of ridiculous” on paper.

However, the Believe artist is completely smitten with the rapper.

Before clarifying that she doesn’t “give men qualities that they don’t deserve,” Cher went on to rave about how “kind,” “smart,” and “talented” her new beau is.

"He's very kind, very smart, he's very talented, and he's really funny," she gushed on The Kelly Clarkson show. "And I think he's quite handsome."

The multi-hyphenate star first met Edwards during Paris Fashion Week in September and made their relationship public in November.

The pair invited inevitable criticism over the age gap on the internet; however, Cher has an explanation for opting for younger guys.

During the interview, the After All singer revealed that “Older men just didn't like me all that much.”

She went on to explain that she had a couple of boyfriends “hovering around” her age, but they “just didn’t like me for some reason.”

“And maybe younger men don't care if you're funny or outrageous and want to do stupid things, and you have the strong personality. I'm not giving up my personality for anybody, okay?” she said.