Prince Harry heartbreak: Duke of Sussex told of Queen Elizabeth II's death 3 hours late

By Samantha David September 30, 2022
Prince Harry 

Following the release of Queen Elizabeth II's death, it was noted that Price Harry was informed of his grandmother's death almost three hours later, leaving royal experts with a host of questions. 

Royal editor for the Daily Mail, Rebecca English wrote in a piece for the outlet and reads, “The Queen died at Balmoral of ‘old age’, it was revealed yesterday – the first time a monarch’s death certificate is believed to have been made public.”

“But the document also raises intriguing questions after details on it confirmed that Prince Harry was not informed of his grandmother’s death for more than three hours.”

She also pointed out how, “Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie, as well as Prince Andrew and Prince William, were all on a plane heading for Scotland at the time [of the Queen’s death] and are believed to have been informed mid-air.”

“Prince Harry, meanwhile, had not even made it to an airport amid apparent confusion over whether he should travel up to Aberdeenshire with his wife Meghan. He finally got a private jet from Luton at 5.35pm, landing at Aberdeen at 6.47pm.”

“But that leaves a crucial two hours and 25 minutes between the Queen dying and Harry taking to the air, when it appears there was no communication between the prince and his family.”

When questions was raised to Palace aides and insiders they “stressed that the old-fashioned King does not have a mobile phone and his diary is such that calls between himself and his family normally have to be ‘scheduled in’.”

Most times, “Family members have to resort to calling staff or even one of his police bodyguards to try to get an urgent message to him.”

“Others said it was likely the King wanted to tell his son personally, but with the clock ticking for the release of an official announcement, simply ran out of time.”