Ellen DeGeneres reacts to Greyson Chance's ruthless claims

By Jean Valjean September 23, 2022
Greyson Chance worked under Ellen DeGeneres' record label as a child musician 

Ellen DeGeneres's “experience” with her protégé Greyson Chance doesn’t align with his claims.

According to a source, “Chance did not make any complaints during the time that he worked with DeGeneres and her team and continued to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to launch his new projects until 2019.”

Speaking to Us Weekly, they added that after signing a record deal with the singer, the comic and her team went “above and beyond” and sometimes “career just don’t take off.”

The insider claimed the Shut Up singer’s revelations are his way to promote his upcoming album. “He has taken this time, as he is launching a [new] album, to go after Ellen with opportunistic claims.”

The hit back comes after Rolling Stone posted an interview of Chance, who dished out details on his experience of working with DeGeneres.

Ellen met Greyson when he was only 12 and one of his singing videos had gone viral. The comic shortly recruited him under her record label to kick start his career as a child star.

However, things took a turn and as the Portraits singer narrated, the comic quickly went from being a mentor to a domineering and controlling owner.