Kris Jenner SLAMMED for 'forgetting' she owns luxury condo

By George Johnson September 23, 2022
Kris Jenner is accused of being tone deaf

Kris Jenner was criticised for her rich privilege after it emerged that the multi-millionaire forgot that she owns a luxury condo.

This came up during the latest episode of The Kardashians where she and her daughter Khloe Kardashian visited the property in Beverly Hills.

As they entered the place Kris said to her daughter, "This is a cute little place, I must say so myself." When Khloe teased her mum that she forgot she owned the place, Kris confessed that she uses it as "Santa's Workshop" and added that she rarely visits it.

Khloe then made fun of the momager and expressed her envy at how rich she was that she forgot she owned the property.

"I can't wait to be wealthy enough to forget I have property somewhere. Just like, 'Oh, I have a condo in Beverly Hills? I forgot about that,'" Khloe said. 

In the confessional, Kris told the cameras: "Here's the thing. I have a condo and my mom has one, and my cousin has one, and we all live nearby."

Chuckling she continued: "I kinda forgot it was there. That sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?"

However, she was put on blast on social media for being tone deaf. 

One Twitter user blasted: "The @kardashianshulu is the most tone deaf show/family. People all over are suffering, the pandemic, inflation, war, jobs loss, housing crisis, climate change, natural disaster… to name a few. And @KrisJenner "forgets" she has a multi-million dollar condo in Beverly Hills."

Another similarly wrote: "Disgusting! With all the people currently living on the street & she forgets her condo? How about she rents it cheaply or allows people to stay there while they get on their feet? #krisjenner says she 'kinda forgot' that she had a condo in Beverly Hills."

And a third responded: "Kris Jenner forgot she had a whole condo. How rich can you be to forget you have a property??? A property that can make you so much money, yet you have it lying around doing ntn??? Sigh"