King Charles 'intentional' insult towards Prince Harry laid bare: Dr Shola

By Ellen James September 22, 2022
King Charles 'intentional' insult towards Prince Harry laid bare: Dr Shola

King Charles III is allegedly playing games with his son Prince Harry, says a royal expert.

Political commentator Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu says King Charles deliberately didn't allow Harry to wear his military uniform.

Speaking on the Owen Jones, Dr Mos-Shogbamimu said: “When Charles became King, during his first speech, he expressed love for Prince Harry and Meghan.

“And at first I thought ‘Well, a public expression of love maybe will go someway in pushing back the detractors and haters’. But then they started to mess up.

“There was the military uniform. He can’t wear it. Why? ‘Oh, we aren’t giving any good reason’”.

She continued: “This is a young man who served this country, rose up in the ranks, did two tours.

“He has been supporting injured world veterans, he is the founder of Invictus Games. Who else is worthy to wear the military uniform? And why allow it to be a subject of conversation?

“And then they did a U-turn. And then we hear about ‘They were invited!’ then ‘Now they’re uninvited’. It almost seems to me that Charles must know that we can see this is intentional.

“Because if you place your own child in a position to be a subject of mockery and continued abuse, it tells me that you know what you are doing.