Kim Kardashian Takes Full Body Scan, Shares Results On Instagram

By Maryland Hargreaves August 05, 2022
Kim Kardashian shares body scan reports with Insta Family

Kim On Instagram With Body Scan Reports

Kim Kardashian Photos has recently shared by her on instagram with her "Instagram Family" that she has been taking a full body scan and that her bones were very strong and her body was low on fat.

BodySpec, a business that uses mobile scanning vans to deliver a thorough full-body composition analysis, assessed the 41-year-old entrepreneur's bone density and body fat.

The scan was done in around seven minutes, according to one of Kardashian's Instagram stories.

"YOU HEAR THAT?!?!!! MY BONES ARE STRONGER THAN 93-97% OF PEOPLE," she wrote with the picture of her bone report attached to the story.

According to the report, Kardashian has also lost weight over the past 12 months.

The reports also revealed that Kardashian's body fat percentage has decreased from 25 per cent in May 2021 to 18.8 per cent today. She has shed weight during the past 12 months.