Did Dakota Johnson need to revamp her style game?

By Jean Valjean August 02, 2022
Dakota Johnson donning red leather jacket 

On the sets of Marvel's Madame Web, Dakota Johnson, in which she would be starring, donned a plain grey t-shirt with Jeans, leaving her hair the way they are. 

The actress pulled off a not-so-appealing stare.

Until the Fifty Shades of Grey star covered herself in a red leather jacket in Boston's sweltering heat, which helped significantly catch her the right amount of attention.

Johnson performed her scenes while sporting the red leather jacket, black combat boots, and jeans that her character will undoubtedly be seen wearing frequently throughout the movie.

Johnson has previously been seen putting the finishing touches on the movie.

Viewers have captured behind-the-scenes images and video as the crew occupied Boston's streets, transforming some of the east coast city into a recreation of its counterpart, New York, in the year 2001.

Johnson has improved as an actor over the past few years, and her portrayal of Madame Web in Sony's Marvel Universe of Spider-Man characters will give her resume a significant boost as a rising star.