Johnny Depp's attorney Camille Vasquez saves airline passenger's life

By Samantha David June 24, 2022
Camille Vasquez has been hailed a 'wonder woman' after saving a man's life during a flight 

Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez has saved another man’s life as she jumped in to help during a medical emergency while on a flight.

According to TMZ, Camille, who was travelling on American Airlines from Los Angeles to New York, rushed to a man’s aid after he collapsed and hit his head mid flight.

As per the outlet, flight attendants became frantic as they yelled for help which Camille and her bodyguard noticed and sprang into action.

Passengers shared that she got in touch with her brother-in-law, a doctor, and took his guidance to check on the man, who was in his 70s.

The attorney proceeded to use a smart watch to monitor the passenger’s heartrate.

Late on, a surgeon on board came forward and took over.

As for Camille, a flight attendant hailed her a "wonder woman" and was gifted two bottles of Merlot and champagne.