Johnny Depp looking to continue work, wants career back

By Jean Valjean June 22, 2022
Johnny Depp looking to continue work, wants career back 

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, who has allegedly moved on post the brutal trial against Amber Heard, wishing for a flourishing work life. 

After the win, Depp delivered a breath-taking performance with Jeff Beck in Finland. 

While performing in Helsinki, Depp was seen smiling and interacting with fans as they cheered for him. 

In one of the viral videos, the Pirates of the Caribbean star gave a nod, mouthing something as he looked at someone and also kept his hand on the chest for a brief moment. 

Outlet People quoted saying, "The trial was necessary, but he is happy that it's over. Although he is relieved about the jury's verdict, he isn't gloating about it. He isn't even talking about the trial now. He filed the lawsuit, because he considered it necessary. He has moved on though."

"He is now able to get back to what he loves doing. He enjoys performing and has a busy summer ahead. He is also looking forward to continue working. He just wants his career back. He loves filming."

The seven-person jury reached a verdict on June 1 in favour of Depp and post that he has been living the lavish life dining in at expensive places, spending a huge amount. 

Depp is now seeking to work, film and come on screen.