Logan Paul pays THIS rent amount per month in Puerto Rico

By Madison Raymond May 11, 2022
Logan Paul pays THIS rent amount per month in Puerto Rico 

Social media personality Logan Paul revealed insane amounts he spent on rent in Puerto Rico.

Logan offered his fans a tour of his $28million property which he is willing to lease and is paying a whopping $57,000 per month in rent.

In February 2021, the famed YouTuber announced relocating to Puerto Rico after spending most of his life in South California as he fell in love with the country and wanted to start a new chapter there.

With a clip shared, Mike Majlak claimed, "We’re out here in Dorado, Puerto Rico. We’re at Logan’s new pad. Look at the stunning modern white and grey mansion surrounded by palm trees. What is it? Is this an Airbnb? It’s massive!"

The mansion has 34 beds in total, enormous pools, marble floors and spiraling staircases with wardrobes a size of an average bedroom.

The house he is building will be as impressive as the current one.

"Wait until you see my new house. I bought a house. It’s being built right now, and it’s f**king sick."