Kim Kardashian's trainer defends star for dramatic weight loss for Met gala look

By George Johnson May 06, 2022
Kim Kardashian came under fire for bragging about losing weight to fit into a dress

Kim Kardashian's trainer has come to her defense over her significant weight loss for the Met Gala saying that the star shed pounds in a way that was "healthy".

After the 41-year-old was bashed for flaunting unrealistic beauty standards, Kim's trainer spoke to TMZ, revealing that the reality star made sure to keep her health on check while trying to fit into Marilyn Monroe dress.

For the unversed, Kim earlier shared that she lost 16lbs for the event.

He told the publication: "I think one of the misconceptions people have about Kim is she works like really hard, right?"

"So I mean I was there through the process, so it wasn't like a starving yourself type of thing. I mean she went on a real balanced diet and at times, you know, she wouldn't eat as much. But then the second thing was she was in the gym and put the work in," he added.

Don was asked if there was anything unhealthy about the reality star's approach and he replied: "No not at all. Not from my end and from what I saw. I mean we were working out sometimes twice a day."

The comments come after actress Lili Reinhart said Kim's ''ignorance is other-worldly and disgusting" for bragging about the weight loss journey.