Kris Jenner addresses all the ‘challenges from 2021

Melanie Aiden|December 31, 2021
Kris Jenner addresses all the ‘challenges from 2021’

Kris Jenner recently turned to social media to pen an appreciation post highlighting all the highs and lows her family dealt with throughout 2021.

The appropriation post went up ahead of New Year's Eve this Friday and showcased the Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum referencing all her challenges.

From photos documenting her children’s and grandchildren’s birthdays to the engagement between Khloe and Travis Barker, Kris highlighted it all.

Even her caption tied it all together and read, "Happy New Year's Eve everyone! As we go into a new year I think back on everything we have celebrated as a family this last year, as well as the challenges we have faced."

"It is no coincidence that my top Instagram posts of 2021 are posts about celebration… celebration of my kids' birthdays, my grandkids' birthdays, Mother's Day, and of course an engagement!"

"I am reminded that the most important moments in life are the special times we share with each other in celebration of love, life, health and happiness… the things we can often take for granted as we go about our day-to-day lives."

She even went on to add, "Every day is a blessing. Every birthday is a gift. Every day we say I love you to our family members, every night we say goodnight to our loved ones, every morning we wake up and do what we love, surrounded by those we love."

"This year has had its challenges, as they inevitably always do, but we lean on each other to get through the lows and come together to celebrate the highs.”

Before concluding she also pointed out, “Thank you for being here with us. You all mean more to us than you will ever know and I pray that you all find many reasons to celebrate in 2022! Sending you so much love!! Happy New Year!!!!"

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