Hilaria Baldwin shares ‘gratitude for book thats helped explain Alecs ‘hard emotions to kids

Melanie Aiden|December 01, 2021
Hilaria Baldwin shares ‘gratitude’ for book that’s helped explain Alec’s ‘hard emotions’ to kids

Hilaria Baldwin recently got candid about having ‘real conversations’ she had surrounding the Rust shooting with her children.

For those unversed, Hilaria shares six kids with Carmen, 8, Rafael, 6, Leonardo, 5, Romeo, 3, Eduardo, 1, and Lucia, 9 months.

Baldwin weighed in on it all by expressing her gratitude over The Child Mind Institute book It's Okay to Not Be Okay: Adults Get Big Feelings Too, by author Danielle Sherman-Lazar.

She laid her emotions bare in an Instagram Stories post that read, “I've had to have some conversations, explaining recent events to my oldest children recently. You can imagine how heartwrenching it has been."

"Sometimes, I just freeze, knowing I'm the adult who must guide my family, but so lost as what the right direction is. There is no manual we are provided. "Sometimes I catch myself, surprised that I'm in the adult position and I'm like: 'Shouldn't I know what to do???'"

Hilaria also thanked her followers in the latter part of her admission and added, "You have no idea how much all of your kindness, love and support mean. Yes, you who are reading this. I know how lucky I am to have you."

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