Christina Aguilera drops new Spanish single symbolic of ‘life journey

Melanie Aiden|October 23, 2021
Christina Aguilera drops new Spanish single symbolic of ‘life journey’

In celebration of her newly released Spanish single Christina Aguilera spoke out about its symbolic meanings in her personal ‘life journey’.

The song, Pa Mis Muchachas can be loosely translated to mean ‘For My Girls’ and is part of the star’s comeback album featuring Nathy Peluso, Becky G and Nicki Nicole.

Before the official release of the Spanish single, Aguilera sat with Billboard and addressed her thoughts regarding the similarities it poses with her own personal life journey.

There she was quoted saying, "It can be intimidating and scary to put yourself out there in a way you know will be challenging. I don't write in Spanish the way I do in English, but I know my heart.”

"It's a layered journey I've been on but now having kids of my own, I want them to see that mommy doesn't know everything. I'm still learning too and I'm not going to back down from something I'm truly passionate about because I'm scared or I'm afraid what people will think."

She also went on to say, "This is me being me on my own journey of life. I could cry about it. It means a lot to me."

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