Natalie Portman reflects on her ‘nerdy side in school

Celebpost Desk|October 14, 2021

Natalie Portman reflects on her ‘nerdy’ side in school

Actress Natalie Portman opened up on being the biggest ‘nerd’ in school as she sat for a candid chat.

Natalie studied from the prestigious Harvard University and was always known for being a bookworm.

In an appearance at the Drew Barrymore show premiered on Zee Cafe in India, the Love and Thunder star said, “ I was like the biggest nerd. At school, I was known for always having my hands covered in white gloves and being in all the dorky classes.”

Regarding her choice of education, Drew asked Natalie, "You were not willing to give up an education to remain an actress or be in your job that was worth the risk for you. To step aside and seek out a Harvard education, I have so much respect for that."

To this the star responded by saying, "Yeah, it was funny because I didn't know that it meant this much. It didn't feel like such a big choice to me."

Natalie concluded, “In my family it was just like you go to college and that's something you do. I'm so glad I did it."

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