Kumail Nanjiani reveals why he doesnt want to talk about body transformation

Samantha David|October 10, 2021
Kumail Nanjiani reveals why he doesn’t want to talk about body transformation

Recently, Kumail Nanjiani sat down for an interview GQ and shared that he does not want to talk about his body ever since his dramatic transformation for Marvel’s The Eternals sparked aggressive debate on social media.

The actor stated, “I’ve found out over the last year and a half, since I did that picture, that I am very uncomfortable talking about my body — and it’s become less and less and less comfortable."

The 43-year-old talked about the hate he received over viral photo and said, “It is aggression. It is anger. A lot of times, we are taught to be useful by using physical strength or our brain in an aggressive, competitive way. Not in an empathetic way. Not in an open, collaborative way.”

He added, “It’s the same thing when you have all these guys, like, asking people to debate them on Twitter. That’s the same as arm wrestling. It’s about defeating. And that’s what the male ideal has been: Dominating. Defeating. Crushing. Killing. Destroying. That’s what being jacked is.”

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