Watch: Justin Bieber drops emotional new track ‘Ghost

Melanie Aiden|October 09, 2021
Watch: Justin Bieber drops emotional new track ‘Ghost’

Justin Bieber has overtaken social media with the release of his deeply emotional and grief focused music video for the new single Ghost.

Bieber has teamed up with 75-year-old actress Diane Keaton for this release.

The short film inspired music video is directed by Colin Tilley and in it, Keaton play’s Bieber’s grandmother who is dealing with the grief of losing a husband.

It follows the duo from the beach to a bar and even shows off the process by which Bieber managed to throw his grandmother back into the dating landscape.

It even includes soulful lyrics like “And if you can't be next to me/Your memory is ecstasy. I miss you more than life.”

Check it out below:

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