Ellen DeGeneres is ‘beyond blessed and grateful for her talk shows success

Samantha David|September 24, 2021
Ellen DeGeneres is ‘beyond blessed and grateful’ for her talk show’s success

On her namesake talk show, Ellen DeGeneres reflected on the show’s longevity and said that she never imagined that it could last 19 seasons.

The 63-year talked about the advice she would give her younger self, "I think I gave the advice on day one. I mean, I wanted to make a show that was really fun for everybody and an escape for an hour a day. Whatever was going on in the world, I wanted this to be a happy place. I wanted everyone here to have fun working here and I wanted to not take it for granted, to enjoy [it]."

The comedian added, “But if you would have told me that in 19 years that I would be doing this 19 years later, I never thought it would last this long.”

She further added, "I thought it would do well, but, you know, talk shows don't last that long usually. So I'm, you know, beyond blessed and grateful for it going this long."

Moreover, in May, DeGeneres announced that her talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, would conclude after 19th season.

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