Camila Cabello reflects on being ‘burned out in pre COVID times

Celebpost Desk|September 15, 2021

rCamila Cabello reflects on being ‘burned out’ in pre COVID times

Singer Camila Cabello recently sat down to discuss how the lockdown rescued her from feeling ‘burned out’ that admitted that staying indoors during the pandemic revived her and made her stronger.

Camila also reflected on her life during the lockdown and claimed it's given her respite and even helped her focus on her private life as well.

In a chat with Hunger Magazine, Camila said, "I think I was burned out. And I feel like that necessary, forced pause [lockdown] just allowed me to look at my life differently. It allowed me to recalibrate what makes me happy and what is important to me. I feel like it saved me in a lot of ways."

The Don’t Go Yet singer alsoadded, "I'm fortunate enough to choose what I say yes and no to. That's what's really important to me this time around. If it's affecting my mental health in a negative way, I'll say no and do it another way.”

For those unaware, Camila has been battling immense anxiety and OCD for a while now and has even opened up about it in a song in her album, Familia.

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