Dad Zayn Malik has baby girls name tattooed on wrist

Samantha David|January 24, 2021

Dad Zayn Malik tattooed four-month-old daughter’s name on wrist

Zayn Malik has baby girl’s name tattooed on wrist

Recently, Zayn Malik’s girlfriend Gigi Hadid revealed her daughter’s name as she added “Khai’s mom” on her Instagram bio. Later, fans noticed that the singer flaunted the tattoo of his baby girl’s name in Arabic when he came live earlier.

The tattoo is in red ink and located on the 28-year-old’s wrist. However, it is supposed that the couple’s daughter’s name is a tribute to the super mode’s paternal grandmother named Khairiah. But, it can also be tribute to Gigi’s sister Bella Hadid as her middle name is Khai.

Last year in September, Zayn announced the birth of his daughter and stated: “The love I feel for this tiny human Is beyond my understanding. Grateful to know her, proud to call her mine, & thankful for the life we will have together”.

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