Lili Reinhart finally addresses her clash with a wannabe impersonator

Melanie Aiden|January 24, 2021

Lili Reinhart finally decides to address the ‘bizarre’ impersonation attempt going viral on social media

Lili Reinhart finally addresses her clash with a wannabe impersonator

After a recent attempt to impersonate Lili Reinhart came forward, an Amercian publication house came forward to issue an apology regarding the entire situation.

The magazine posted its official apology over on Twitter. There they addressed the false information and admitted to having been played by an imposter.

Their apology read, "Today, we briefly published a story with information we were lead to believe was from Lili Reinhart. However, it was brought to our attention that the person who contacted us was, in fact, an impersonator and had no connection to the Riverdale star. We want to sincerely apologize to Lili and her fans for this unfortunate situation."

Before concluding they added, "We reacted swiftly by removing the story from our site and regret the erroneous reporting. We take full responsibility and will be internally reviewing our editorial and fact-checking processes to ensure something like this does not happen again."

Shortly after the magazine posted its apology ltter, the actor took to Instagram Stories and personally addressed the situation with a post that read, "For some bizarre reason, someone impersonated me in an interview with Seventeen. Nothing inappropriate was said, but those were not my words and I wanted to address it."

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