Pinks daughter Willow sings Christmas duet beautifully with mom

Samantha David|December 02, 2020

Pink’s nine-year-old daughter left people awestruck as she sang ‘The Christmas Song’ with her mother

Pink’s daughter Willow sings Christmas duet beautifully with mom

On Monday, Pink’s daughter Willow who is nine-years-old sang along with her mother during The Disney Holiday Singalong andstunned everyone with her beautiful voice.

It seems like talent runs in 41-year-old’s family. Both mother and daughter performed on ABC’s The Disney Holiday Singalong and they sang The Christmas Song.

The duo sang in front of a Christmas tree and a fireplace. Pink looked really proud as she watched Willow sing.

Initially Pink opened the song but when song reached the part about Santa on way, she gave microphone to her daughter who was dressed in a Cinderella attire.

Fans took to social media to appreciate Willow’s singing skills. One of the fan wrote “Ok Pink get Willow a record contract now!”

“Oh wow, her daughter has such beautiful tone! I did not expect those textures from one so tiny” another fan wrote.

“Willow got her mama’s vocal skillz!” one more fan tweeted.

Listen to the lovely performance by talented mother-daughter below:

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