March 15, 2024


Tommy Fury ventures into writing

Tommy Fury pens his first book titled 'Lightening Can Strike Twice'

By Celebpost Desk March 15, 2024
Tommy Fury ventures into writing
Tommy Fury ventures into writing 

Tommy Furry makes a new career move away from the ring and that happens to be the inauguration of his first book.

The professional boxer took to Instagram to announce the October release of his new book titled Lightning Can Strike Twice along with the promo featuring the biography’s front cover.

He captioned, "I’m proud to announce… I have written my first book!"

"Find out what my life is like juggling many identities: A professional boxer, TV star, mental health advocate, fiancé and father. Coming this October, but available to pre-order now…link to my story!"he continued.

Fury’s beloved fiance Molly Mae-Hague showered him with praise under the post, “ So proud of You.”

His fans take pride in the former One Direction star’s efforts and can’t wait to read his book.