Sofia Vergara opens up about her obsession with sugar

Sofia Vergara revealed her sugar addiction

By Celebpost Desk May 04, 2024
Sofia Vergara revealed her sugar addiction
Sofia Vergara revealed her sugar addiction 

Sofia Vergara revealed her biggest weakness is sugar!

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the Hot Pursuit star mentioned she has a hard time controlling her urges.

“I have an addiction to sweets, to sugar. I have tried many things to manage it including hypnotism and it did not work,”

She continued, “Instead I try to eat a balanced diet at home and avoid fattening food such as hamburgers and pizza just so that I can have sweets.”

"I mean any kind. But I do like dulce de leche, it’s like a caramel. Usually, they don’t do it that great here in L.A. I haven’t found anyone, but when I go to Miami or Latin America, they’re great,” Vergara explained.

In the same interview, Sofia Vergara further got candid about her workout regimen.

“ Even though I avoid heavy workouts as I have a bad knee, I am very consistent with my workouts."

Beauty is very important to the actress and prefers to stay makeup ready even at home with a bit of mascara and lip gloss.

It is pertinent to note that Sofia Vergara has jumped on the dating bandwagon yet again with doctor Justin Saliman after Joe Manganiello divorce.