December 13, 2023


Matt Rife ‘paid for bots’ to attack Bunny Hedaya's 6-year-old son

Matt Rife started 'beef' with Tiktoker star Bunny Hedaya's six-year-old son

By Javeria Shahid December 13, 2023

File footage 

Bunny Hedaya clapped back at naysayers supporting Matt Rife after he "started beef" with her six-year-old son.

The Tiktok star, earlier on Saturday shared a rant in a video of over two minutes with her 2.3M followers after the 28-year-old comedian left a mean comment on her son’s Instagram.

She began, "Matt Rife has decided to start beef with my six-year-old child online," and slammed him throughout the video for making negative comments on her.

Hedaya, 33, wrote a caption under her video that read, "Matt Rife started a fight with the wrong 6 year old. Buckle in," with some hashtags "#bunny #bunnyhedaya #mommabear". 

The comment section of the video saw a divide between fans and critics, as many rallied in to support the mother-son duo. 

However, others defended the comic against trolls. 

"I love Matt rife… I totally find him funny! I’m a woman," wrote one.

Bunny didn’t let it go and sarcastically responded, “I know Matt paid for bots [laughing emoji]”.

For the unversed, Rife, in a now-deleted comment under Aiden’s post said, "Jupiter also has ring. CH!...and Santa Clais [sic] isn’t real. Your mom buys you presents with the money she makes on OnlyFans. Goodluck. [crazy emoji]".

Rife’s comment was a direct response to a video Hedaya shared on Instagram last week, in which her son – an avid lover of space and astrology – corrected a loophole in one of Rife’s stand-up jokes.

In the clip, Rife bashed women who use astrology as an explainer for their "poor decision-making skills".

Hedaya clarified that she and her son made the fun Instagram video after her fans continuously tagged her account in Rife’s stand-up video clip.