November 30, 2023


Kim Kardashian's son takes a dig at her 'bad' American Horror Story makeover

Kim Kardashian took backstage of her American Horror Story set in latest episode of The Kardashians

By Javeria Shahid November 30, 2023
Kim Kardashians son takes a dig at her bad American Horror Story makeover
Kim Kardashian's son takes a dig at her 'bad' American Horror Story makeover

Kim Kardashian was taken aback when her son, Saint called her American Horror Story makeup “bad.”

The new trailer of The Kardashian’s finale season was uploaded by Hulu's official Instagram page on Wednesday, November 29.

The teaser opened with the reality TV star, who played role of a publicist, Siobhan Corbyn in the 12th season of the hit anthology series, selecting a best fit for her.

During the humorous teaser for the episode, set to air on Thursday, November 30, Kim could be seen getting her makeup and hair done before the filming.

She proceeded to record a FaceTime video with her son Saint, 7 settled in the chair, and asked him, “How do you think I look Saint?”

Her son quickly responded, “Bad” to which the mother of four asked in disbelief, “Bad?”

“Is Psalm there?” she asked for her younger son, most likely in hopes she would give her a satisfactory reply.

The four-year-old greeted his mother sweetly as he appeared in front of the camera.

SKIMS mogul asked him, “Do you think that I look Scary?”

Just when he was about to answer, the scene changed to Kim, keeping his response a mystery until the episode aired.

She also confessed in the trailer, “This is not like some little cameo, This is like, a serious role I'm in, adding, “That’s the one thing i’m just insecure about.”

Later in the teaser when the businesswoman was asked on her reason behind signing up for the series, she replied, "Because it’s iconic. And I love to do iconic s***”.

Earlier in April, Kim’s casting in AHS received criticism after stars, including Patti LuPone and Sharon Stone offered their disapproval.