October 30, 2023


Kim Kardashian turns her home into ‘Most Epic Haunted House Ever’

Kim Kardahsian's Halloween decorations are 'too realistic and maybe even satanic'

By Javeria Shahid October 30, 2023

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Kim Kardashian went all out to transform her home into the ultimate horror experience this Halloween. 

The 43-year-old reality TV star decided to enjoy this spooky season with full swing as she decorated her door archways with skull heads and much more.

Earlier on Friday, October 27, The Kardashian star showed off her haunted house in the daylight on her Instagram Stories.

She also offered a sneak peak of a dimly lit hallway, featuring statues of white-cloaked figures and several white candles.

Adding more horror to the spooky visuals, torn-up pieces of white cloth were hanging from the ceiling and the walls.

Kim’s friend, Sarah Howard shared the eerie decorations on her own stories as well, exclaiming, “The most epic haunted house ever.”

On Sunday, Oct. 29, the mother of four shared the complete house tour video on her social media feed which garnered mixed responses from her followers.

One user wrote, “you guys went too far, it’s actually uncomfortable to watch.”

TV host Stefan Stankovic said, “This is just too realistic and maybe even satanic.”

Another fan pointed, “Literally a playground for Satan and his demons.”

Like many others, a four user found it just as disturbing, “This is so out of touch, you really pushed the envelope on this one.”

However, some fans jumped in to defend the SKIMS founder.

One fan noted, “Her money is her choice, she has 4 kids and they probably enjoy the Halloween spooks,” punctuating her claim with a red heart.

While the other fans urged everyone to ease up on the criticism in a long passage, “It’s Halloween people! You gonna go after every other person that has skeletons on their house too? Or just Kim?”

She continued defending the model, “It’s her life, her decorations! Jealous much! She is not directing it to anything that’s going on right now! Can’t she just decorate for the holiday? Goodness!”

The fan finally concluded as, “If you don’t like it move on! Goodness”.