September 23, 2023


Harry Styles and Taylor Russell family meetings in process: What’s cookin’ ?

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell have been dating for about four months and is already introducing each other to their families

By Javeria Shahid September 23, 2023
Harry Style seems happy around Taylor Russell while she thinks love is drug
Harry Style seems happy around Taylor Russell while she thinks love is drug

Harry Styles recently introduced her girlfriend Taylor Russell to his family and it is reported that the loved up couple will head to Vancouver to meet Taylor’s family.

Recently the They Don’t Know About Us singer introduced the Canadian actress to his mother, Anne Twist.

In an exclusive report from Life & Style a source revealed to the outlet saying, “Harry moves fast with his girlfriends. He likes to spend every moment with someone he’s really into. ”

Addressing the intensity of their relationship the insider further continued, “But he never takes them home to meet his family until it’s really serious.”

So, how did the meeting go? “Harry’s mom loved Taylor and can’t wait to spend more time with her,” added the source.

And in the end an interesting clue has been given to fans, “Now, Taylor and Harry are planning a trip to Vancouver to see her family.”

The Steal My Girl vocalist and the actress, 29, first set of dating buzz back in June 2023. The couple was seen together in London.

Following to those sightings a close source shared with the publication that the two are in the “early infatuation stage” of dating.

After that the insider further shared that Harry also offered VIP seats to Taylor for his upcoming concerts so that both can get along and his crew thinks she is really cool.

The Bones and All actress was then seen cheering on the singer at several of his Love on Tour shows in July across Europe. The duo was spotted getting cozy together in August.