September 12, 2023


Ant McPartlin's million dollar house catches on fire

The flames have taken up the mansion while the fire crew rushed to put it out

By Betty Cruise September 12, 2023

Ant McPartlin and Lisa parted their ways in January 2018
Ant McPartlin and Lisa parted their ways in January 2018 

The million dollars house of the ITV star Ant McPartlin and his ex wife Lisa Armstrong is on a blazing fire.

The Mirror reported that earlier this morning at 9:46am the fire department received a call from Grove Park Gardens and the crews responded immediately from the nearby areas of Chiswick, Hammersmith and Richmond.

After a tiring battle against the flames, six fire engines and 40 firefighter were able to control the flickering fire that was spreading rapidly. Fortunately no one is harmed.

According to the witness early in the morning the house first inflamed from the back of the house.

A tweet has also been shared from the fire department official account, which stated: “Crews responded to fire in a house, and one of the Brigade's 32m ladders was deployed at the incident”

“The cause of the fire is under investigation.”

Though the cause of fire is still not known but it is believed that it’s electrical and thanks to the prompt services of the fire crew that fire has been put to an end.

The outlet's photographer was at the scene and reported that currently the house is being rented by a family of six. 

Among them only the Nanny and the Cleaner was present when the house set ablaze.

The former couple used to live in the million dollar mansion before they got separated in 2018. Following to that Ant moved out supposedly leaving the property to his former wife Lisa who currently rents out the property.

At present, the television presenter resides with his new wife Anne-Marie Corbett in their new home in Wimbledon.