September 05, 2023


Rita Ora 'Completely Horrified' after mislabeling Taika Waititi's ethnicity

Rita Ora expresses regret over mistaken remark about husband Taika Waititi

By Maryland Hargreaves September 05, 2023
Rita Ora horrified over ethnicity mix-up about husband Taika Waititi.
Rita Ora 'horrified' over ethnicity mix-up about husband Taika Waititi.

Rita Ora, a judge on The Voice Australia, finds herself in an embarrassing situation after making an awkward mistake about her husband Taika Waititi's ethnicity during a recent episode. 

Rita Ora attempted to persuade a contestant from Christchurch to join her team by mentioning that she was "married to half a Samoan man." 

However, her husband, celebrated Māori filmmaker Taika Waititi, has never identified as Samoan, as reported by Stuff.

According to sources, Rita Ora is "completely horrified" by the perception that she confused her husband's heritage. 

The insider revealed that she is deeply concerned about disappointing Taika as they embark on their married life together.

The incident occurred during an episode of The Voice Australia, where Rita serves as a judge alongside Guy Sebastian, Jason Derulo, and Jessica Mauboy. 

The incident occurred as a contestant, Marley Sola from Christchurch, discussed his background, revealing his connection to the Samoan Seventh Day Adventist Church and his part-Samoan heritage. 

However, astute viewers quickly noticed that Rita Ora's statement seemed to be based on incorrect information.

In reality, her husband, celebrated Māori filmmaker Taika Waititi, does not identify as Samoan. 

Instead, his heritage is a blend of Māori, Russian Jewish, Irish, and French Canadian roots. Taika Waititi often refers to himself as a 'Polynesian Jew,' celebrating the diversity of his lineage.